You have a disruptive talent acquisition technology or process solution that will enable employers to effectively find and hire the top talent. Your solution will have an impact on employers’ top and bottom lines. You receive positive feedback on your concepts and/or demos, but you aren’t achieving the market penetration you want.

Meritage Talent Solutions can help you achieve the right blend of functional design and go-to-market strategies to grow your business. Our consultants have been the recruiters, analysts and executives inside your target customers. We can participate in initial function design and/or product reviews to ensure your solution will be effective for your target clients. We can help develop and/or review your go-to-market strategies, including advertising, buyer experience, pricing, and sales channels.

Marketplace Research

Competitor analysis and comparison
Customer needs analysis and recommendations

End-User Testing

Alpha & Beta testing partnerships
HR, Manager, Employee, Candidate perspectives
Testing team management

Customer Conversion Strategies

Building business cases for customers
RFP response consulting

Channel Analysis / Recommendations

Social media and marketing strategies
Pricing strategies

Functional Design

Design reviews and recommendations
Use-case development
Demo evaluation

Understanding the HR Buyer

Seminars and workshops educating you on key HR influencers
SMB vs Enterprise HR customer approaches

Sales Process Enhancement

Buyer experience analysis
Unique Selling Proposition strategies