Is Twitter Going to Beat LinkedIn? And Other Great Articles in This Week’s Digest

This week’s Talent Acquisition Digest is packed with great articles that I’ve discovered in the past few days.

First, “Is Twitter Going to Beat LinkedIn at Becoming a Recruitment Powerhouse?” by Ian Morris on Forbes got me thinking.  With many software developers and other highly sought-after individuals leaving LinkedIn because they are overwhelmed with InMails from recruiters, maybe they will rely more on Twitter.

Companies are always looking unique ways to engage college students about career opportunities.  Check out what PepsiCo is doing via LinkedIn to identify top marketing talent.  I love this idea and think other companies can come up with similar contests and ideas to attract all types of talent.

As a talent acquisition leader, you should be considering the shift to temporary or contract workers as a part of your long-term workforce strategy.  If you aren’t, you need to read this article “Trend in Temp Workers May Not Be Temporary” on

Finally, Liz Ryan wrote a great piece on LinkedIn this week, “Ten Horrible Hiring Practices That Drive Candidates Away.”  This article struck a cord with me because, as Liz aptly points out, no CEO sets out to create a terrible hiring process, yet we end up there.  I have an opinion on this that I shared in a previous LinkedIn post of my own “CEOs Should Quit Lying About the Value of Talent.”

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