The Talent Acquisition Digest for December 4, 2013

Today, I’m starting a new feature on talent chatter – the Talent Acquisition Digest.  These short posts will highlight the best talent acquisition blog posts, articles and announcements on the web.  I plan to provide digests 2-3 times a week.

Lou Adler provides his predictions for The Future of Hiring and Recruiting, Circa 2020-2025 in a LinkedIn crystal ballInfluencer post.  A few of his predictions are based on his performance-based hiring model, which I guess is to be expected.  He makes great points about successful internal mobility programs and auto-engaging top prospects.

Are your company’s policies impacting your recruiting efforts?  Scott Keenan of Priority Personnel provides unique insight on The Priority Blog.  The best quote in this blog: “your policies should read like a list of features and benefits rather than an adult babysitting manual.”  Ahh…refreshing.

A great article to share with your hiring managers is “9 Ways Not to Look Like a Clueless Hiring Manager,” by Jenn Steele at RecruitLoop.

Cool new product worth checking out:  RightHireFree pre-hire assessments for over 900 jobs based on the O*NET database.  Plus, they offer culture fit assessments, as well.  In full disclosure, RightHire is a client of mine, but I wouldn’t be working with them if I didn’t think they had something unique to offer.

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