Our clients include organizations creating disruption and innovating in the talent acquisition marketplace. They include employers who seek innovative ways to share their employment brand, want to create a positive candidate experience, and understand the need to harness the power of big data to maximize their processes and technology solutions.

They also include vendors who are creating and delivering disruptive technologies and solutions. These vendors are start-ups thinking differently about talent acquisition and HR, as well as established players in the industry with new and innovative offerings.

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Neil Cost, CEO of HireClix, discusses Kara as a through leader in the talent acquisition industry.

“Kara and her business partner Moe developed a customized training course for sales team members. The quality of their preparation, professionalism, and thoughtful approach to delivering the subject matter was impressive. It was easy to learn from them and the participant experience was engaging and fun.”

Jamara Cheek

College Recruiter


Faith Rothberg, CEO, and Steven Rothberg, Founder & President, discuss how Meritage Talent Solutions’ services helped improve their sales process.

“Kara is very smart, has terrific command of the vendor market, and helped us make a better informed decision. She is exceedingly professional but also a lot of fun to work with. And, having been a recruiting leader in a prior life, she knows both the art and the science of the recruiting profession.”

Peter Brooks

VP, Talent Acquisition

International Association of Employment Websites

Peter Weddle, Founder of the International Association of Employment Websites, shares his thoughts on how Kara Yarnot and Meritage Talent Solutions brings innovative approaches and solutions to the talent acquisition industry.