Finally, a Talent Acquisition Conference Where You Belong

Ever feel like you don’t belong at recruiting conferences? You feel like a third wheel, because you don’t own any requisitions. You don’t speak directly to candidates.  Instead, you’re the one behind the scenes who tries to make recruiters’ jobs easier.

I know how you feel, because I’ve been through that, and there are a lot of other folks like us.  Those who manage critical talent acquisition programs, operations and projects – like employee referrals, recruiter training, college and intern, military and veteran recruiting, tools and technology and contingent labor.  Sure, it’s great to network with recruiters and talk about their challenges because it makes me better at my job, but when was someone going to design a conference for people like me?

Instead of waiting, my business partner, Kara Yarnot, and I went ahead and created TalentBlend, a conference designed for people who build, optimize and innovate talent acquisition programs, systems, tools, and practices. And it’s coming up fast! Aug. 19-20 in Washington, D.C.

We designed the agenda for a collaborative learning environment. If you attend (and I hope you will), you’ll take an active part in the program.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Learn how to leverage the vast array of social data from Jennifer Golbeck, a world leader in social media research and communication and our keynote speaker. She’s the director of Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland, and she’s got a great Ted talk you can check out beforehand.


  • Experience success by aligning your program to company goals, as Christie Gragnani-Woods, will show you. She’s a senior VP and Head of Enterprise Talent Acquisition Infrastructure at Wells Fargo.
  • Find out how to build your programs on company culture and brand from Susan Strayer LaMotte, founder at Exaqueo.
  • Participate in practical hands-on activities in our Program Innovation Sessions. You can choose from one of four topics: Employee Referral, Military Recruiting, College Recruiting, and Technology/Operations. The session for each topic still start with an expert leading the discussion to inspire ideas. Then you’ll take part in a facilitated round table to map out your specific challenges and explore solutions with your peers. I can’t wait to sit in a room with people who face the same challenges. I want to shake their hands, and in some cases hug them (you are warned).  I want to laugh at our common mistakes and re-energize our zeal for improving the recruiter, hiring manager and candidate experience.

When you come to TalentBlend, you should be able to ask these questions and get the answers you need:

  •  How do I balance the wishes of recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers?
  •  What are other companies doing?
  •  How do I get more money for my program?
  •  How do I keep everyone informed in ALL my projects?
  •  What other methods are you using to incentivize employee referrals?
  •  What worked for your company, what didn’t and why?
  •  How do I get the organization to USE the new tool I spent the last six months getting and implementing?

After TalentBlend, we will go back to our offices bursting with ideas and armed with a plan to make our programs successful. So we can improve the experience of every recruiter, every hiring manager and every candidate within our companies.

Please join me at TalentBlend, a unique conference designed just for people like you, on Aug. 19-20 in Washington, D.C.


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About Moe Hutt

Moe helps talent acquisition teams solve complex problems by customizing best practices to fit the unique needs of your company. She has designed and implemented enterprise intern, employee referral, contingent workforce and recruiter training programs. From drafting recruiter service level agreements to managing the launch of a new employer brand, she specializes in striking a balance between creativity and efficiency.

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