Join Our Hangout to Share Talent Acquisition Program Ideas, Tips, and Tricks

Are you responsible for managing a key talent acquisition program but don’t have anyone to share your ideas with or learn from?

Then you’re in luck.

We’re launching a Google Hangout (HOA) on December 15th to give folks like you a place to discuss lessons learned, present case studies and success stories, share ideas and tips, tricks and hacks.  HOA is a tool that allows us to share video, have a group conversation, and offer a live Q&A.

Why We’re Launching This Hangout

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to find time between project deadlines, daily fires, and your personal life (not in that order) to get out of the office to talk to industry colleagues.  That’s why those of us at TalentBlend have decided to create a virtual network with others doing the same kind of work.

With this upcoming HOA, you can meet online with a community of folks to get the support you need or just bounce off that crazy idea, whether it’s about employee referrals, employment brand, the intern program, military and veteran recruiting, or contingent labor.

Your Input on Our First Hangout Topic

I would love to hear from you so I can build out an agenda that speaks to you.

  • What topics are you interested in?
  • What guest speakers would you like to hear from?
  • What types of case studies would you like to see?
  • Where are you struggling and would like to chat with peers about?

I can’t wait to talk with you about our similar challenges.  Hopefully, we can laugh at our mistakes and re-energize our zeal for improving the programs that candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers rely on to attract top talent.

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About Moe Hutt

Moe helps talent acquisition teams solve complex problems by customizing best practices to fit the unique needs of your company. She has designed and implemented enterprise intern, employee referral, contingent workforce and recruiter training programs. From drafting recruiter service level agreements to managing the launch of a new employer brand, she specializes in striking a balance between creativity and efficiency.

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