Talent Acquisition Digest for March 28, 2014

Some of my favorite articles from this past week:

Chris Brablc of SmashFly published “Your Buzzword Guide to the Recruiting Conference Season: Part 3.”  This post focused on Talent Communities vs. Talent Networks, CRMs, and Recruitment Marketing Platforms.  He does a fantastic job of distinguishing between  talent communities and talent networks.  The vast majority of companies have talent networks, not communities.

eQuest released a fun fact this week — people are using gaming consoles to view and apply gamersfor jobs.  My first reaction was, “really??”  My second reaction was that talent acquisition teams really need to step up their game with marketing strategies to fit even more devices than in the original plan.  As so many studies show, we aren’t yet very good a marketing on tablets and smartphones.  With additional devices getting in the mix, we better start taking some actions, not just waiting to see what everyone else is doing.

Much to my dismay, SAP announced this week that is plans to acquire Fieldglass.  In my previous life, my company used Fieldglass as our contingent labor software.  I was a big fan of the flexibility and quick configuration options offered by Fieldglass.  I was also impressed by their customer service.  I fear all of those things will disappear as they join the SAP family, much like what happened to Jobs2Web when then were acquired by SuccessFactors/SAP.

Finally, a little self-promotion.  If you haven’t checked out my first LinkedIn post, please do so: CEOs Should Quit Lying About the Value of Talent.  Like it, Share it, Comment on it.  Thanks!

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