Innovations in Employee Referral Programs

Get data, trends and action plans

Most companies rely on employee referrals as a primary source of quality hires.  Innovative and progressive companies are changing the referral game by adopting two top trends in referral programs:

  • Leveraging their employee’s social and professional networks to source and match candidates to jobs, and
  • Expanding their programs to include individuals outside their employee base a referrers.

Whether you are just starting a referral program or looking to improve an existing program, this session will provide you with data, trends and action plans.

Innovations in Employee Referral Programs

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 These trends were uncovered in the 2014 Meritage Talent Solutions’ Referral Trends Report.

In this session, you will learn about these top trends, the technologies available in the marketplace that can help you implement these trends, and the future of referral programs.   You will also receive valuable program benchmarking data.

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