Hiring Managers — Let’s Improve the Hiring Process

The Corporate Executive Board recently reported that 35% of hiring managers state that their company’s hiring and selection process is ‘less than effective.’   I believe that every process has the potential to be more effective and that we need more hiring managers to be satisfied with the hiring and selection process.  However, I’d like to encourage more hiring managers to be effective participants in the partnershipprocess, as well.

Here are the top 3 things hiring managers can do to improve the effectiveness of the selection process:

  1. Truly partner with the recruiter when creating the job description and advertisements.  Spend time with the recruiter discussing not just the requirements for the position but outlining what success in that position will look like.  Create opportunities for the recruiter to talk to top performers in similar positions.  Be open to recruiter questions about the role, the qualifications and the type of person you are looking for.  Listen to and consider the recruiter’s perspective on how easy or difficult a candidate may be to find.  Considering altering some requirements to widen or narrow your pool.  Spend the necessary time up front to ensure you and the recruiter are on the same page about the types of candidates you’d like to interview.
  2. Be available and responsive.  Often, the most difficult part of filling a position for a recruiter is getting the hiring manager to spend time on the process.  Just like you have many other responsibilities on your plate, your recruiter has dozens of other positions that she is trying to fill.  When she sends you resumes to review and you don’t respond in a timely manner, she re-directs her energy towards other positions.  When you identify a candidate to interview, but don’t make time on your schedule to interview the candidate, the recruiter focuses on scheduling interviews for the dozen other hiring managers who are more available
  3. Don’t expect a recruiter to read your mind.  Give specific, useful, and constructive feedback.  When a recruiter sends you 5 resumes to review, don’t just respond with ‘Candidate #2 is good.  All the rest are off target.’  Explain why candidate #2 is good.  Give specific feedback about what characteristics of the other candidates were inconsistent with what you are looking for.  The recruiter can use this information to alter her sourcing and screening process.  She may even make suggestions for changes to the job description to attract the right candidates.

Recruiters are just as invested in getting the position filled as you are.  We are measured, paid and bonused based partly on how many positions we fill.  We want the process to be effective, but we can’t accomplish it alone.  A true partnership with you, the hiring manager, will improve the process for everyone involved.

About Kara Yarnot

Kara founded Meritage Talent Solutions to provide tailored talent acquisition solutions to employers and employment services companies. Kara has over 17 years of leadership experience in talent acquisition and recruiting for several FORTUNE® 500 organizations, including Boeing, Intel, and SAIC.


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