You know you need to change the way you acquire talent. You want to be disruptive inside your organization and perceived as innovative by the top candidates.

At Meritage Talent Solutions, we understand. We’ve been in your shoes as Talent Acquisition leaders and strategists at companies in a variety of industries and competitive talent markets. We’ve successfully convinced senior executives to increase the talent acquisition budget, even in a down economy, by providing justifications and ROI analysis for the change. We can analyze your needs and current talent market position to recommend disruptive strategies, processes and technologies to meet your unique goals. Our consultants are current on the latest offerings in the marketplace and will help you analyze your options to pick the correct blend of solutions for your business.

Talent Acquisition Strategy Consulting

Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Social recruiting plans and measurement
Channel analysis and recommendations
Business and recruitment strategy alignment
Pipeline strategy development

Process Innovation

Recruitment model audits
Next generation process development
Change management services

Recruiting Program Audit & Project Management

Program Audit

Strategic program reviews
Benchmarking services
Lifecycle review planning

Program Management

Program execution planning
Success metrics development and tracking
Training and change management services

Talent Acquisition Technology Services

Technology Selection

Competitor analysis and comparison
RFP development
Vendor evaluation
Implementation planning

Technology Optimization

Current technology audit
Technology process / configuration re-design

Industry Research

Strategy and process best practices

Technology trends and analysis