As a talent acquisition leader, you face many issues, including:

  • Improving your candidate experience,
  • Decreasing the drop-off rate of candidates who start your application process, but don’t complete it, and
  • Understanding the actual return your receive from your investment in recruitment website postings

What if I told you that there is a new technology in the recruiting marketplace that can solve all three of these issues for you and it didn’t cost you anything? You’d sign-up right way, I know.

That product is called SimpleAPI and it has been developed by my client reThinkData. You can see an infographic-ATS_ATS-Focus-generic[1]overview of the solution here, but essentially this product takes a candidate’s profile, including their resume, from their recruitment website of choice and pre-populates your ATS application when they click the ‘apply’ button on your recruitment website posting. Thus, the candidate has to do less work in order to complete your apply process.

Your three issues are solved by:

  • Reducing the number of fields a candidate needs to complete inside your ATS, thus improving the overall candidate experience
  • Decreasing the percentage of candidates (some studies show this to be over 80%) who abandon your application process after they click ‘apply’ on your job board posting. As you know, the best candidates don’t want to take the time to complete your multi-step process, so this solution decreases that time commitment.
  • You actually understanding which recruitment websites are generating quality candidates, thus allowing you to optimize your investments across time.

In order for SimpleAPI to benefit all candidates and employers, we need as many recruitment websites and applicant tracking systems as possible to participate in the SimpleAPI program. These organizations are most motivated to participate when their customers, you, the employer, encourage them to do so. So, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. Join The Connection Alliance and let all recruitment websites and applicant tracking systems know that you support a better candidate experience, decreased drop-off rate, and the ability to understand true ROI on recruitment websites. It only takes 2 minutes to sign-up.
  2. Let your applicant tracking system provider know that you want them to participate. Simply select your ATS on this page and a letter will be sent to them encouraging them to participate. Of course, you can edit the letter, if you choose.

With SimpleAPI, the recruiting industry can completely change the candidate experience and improve employers’ ability to attract the right candidates. Please join me in making a major change in our industry.


About Kara Yarnot

Kara founded Meritage Talent Solutions to provide tailored talent acquisition solutions to employers and employment services companies. Kara has over 17 years of leadership experience in talent acquisition and recruiting for several FORTUNE® 500 organizations, including Boeing, Intel, and SAIC.

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