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Can’t Keep Up? One Easy Way to Learn about the Latest Talent Acquisition Tools

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As a talent acquisition leader, you have a tough time managing daily operational challenges while at the same time looking out for the next greatest best practice or technology. Still, you know that understanding the latest technologies could improve your team’s overall performance and help you plan and strategize. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you an objective overview…

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TalentBlend 2016: Meet the Sponsors

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TalentBlend 2016 is the only conference for talent acquisition professionals responsible for programs and operations – the backbone of the recruiting function. This year’s conference is April 27 & 28 in Washington, DC and will be full of keynote presentations, breakout sessions, learning labs and roundtable discussions that will help you innovate in your role. TalentBlend would not be possible…

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Be A Part of Changing The Talent Acquisition Industry

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As a talent acquisition leader, you face many issues, including: Improving your candidate experience, Decreasing the drop-off rate of candidates who start your application process, but don’t complete it, and Understanding the actual return your receive from your investment in recruitment website postings What if I told you that there is a new technology in the recruiting marketplace that can…

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Bonuses, Assessments, and Jerks, Oh My! Takeaways from Day 2 of HROToday Forum

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The second day of the HROToday forum in Philadelphia was packed with content, great speakers and fun interactions.  There were 16 sessions (all plenary sessions) and almost 30 different speakers.  The sessions were lively, short and full of variety. My top 3 takeaways from the day were: 1.  You can change hiring manager behavior in the recruiting processes, but it…

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Talent Acquisition Digest for January 19, 2015

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Over the last week or so, there have been several great articles that are relevant to our space.  Here are a few of my favorite that you should check out: We all saw the great news last week about job openings being at a 14-year high.  I think this Houston Chronicle article raised some interesting thoughts about the situation, as…

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Spring Talent Acquisition Conferences — Which One is For You?

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Every Spring, several organizations put on large conferences targeted towards talent acquisition professionals and leaders. Many of you are considering attending one or more of them. I, of course, have opinions on all of them. Depending on what you are looking to learn or accomplish, some may be a better fit than others. Here’s my list of what is, and…

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The 2 Main Problems with Your Employee Referral Program

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Most companies of any size have an employee referral program. Best in class programs provide 40% or more of their new hires through employee referrals. Many studies show that employee referral hires are a better culture fit, achieve productivity faster and stay longer than non-employee referral hires. However, there are 2 main flaws with almost every employee referral program, no…

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Word on the Street: Assessments in the Hiring Process

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve had meaningful conversations with dozens of talent acquisition leaders.  I learned that many of these leaders are considering including assessments as a part of their hiring process.  The assessments they are considering, however, are not for job skills, but for “fit” with the organization. I uncovered three different definitions of “fit” through these conversations:…

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Top Trends in Employee Referral Programs

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This post was originally published on LinkedIn on April 8, 2014. Today, Meritage Talent Solutions released our 2014 Trends in Referral Programs report.  We uncovered that employers are tapping into their employees’ social networks and extending their employee referral programs to non-employees in order to compete for top talent. The nationwide survey of over 100 large and small employers showed…

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Talent Acquisition Digest for March 28, 2014

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Some of my favorite articles from this past week: Chris Brablc of SmashFly published “Your Buzzword Guide to the Recruiting Conference Season: Part 3.”  This post focused on Talent Communities vs. Talent Networks, CRMs, and Recruitment Marketing Platforms.  He does a fantastic job of distinguishing between  talent communities and talent networks.  The vast majority of companies have talent networks, not…

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