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Tips for Successfully Communicating Your Talent Acquisition Program

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You may be managing the greatest talent acquisition program ever, but you won’t get anywhere if you can’t communicate about it effectively. So what do you do? Take a crash course in writing? Bombard employees with emails both witty and wise? Hire a skywriter? If any of those ideas have crossed your mind, Michele Richardson of Inciteful Communications will show…

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Bonuses, Assessments, and Jerks, Oh My! Takeaways from Day 2 of HROToday Forum

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The second day of the HROToday forum in Philadelphia was packed with content, great speakers and fun interactions.  There were 16 sessions (all plenary sessions) and almost 30 different speakers.  The sessions were lively, short and full of variety. My top 3 takeaways from the day were: 1.  You can change hiring manager behavior in the recruiting processes, but it…

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The 2 Main Problems with Your Employee Referral Program

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Most companies of any size have an employee referral program. Best in class programs provide 40% or more of their new hires through employee referrals. Many studies show that employee referral hires are a better culture fit, achieve productivity faster and stay longer than non-employee referral hires. However, there are 2 main flaws with almost every employee referral program, no…

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Talent Acquisition Digest for January 28, 2014

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I have 2 great articles to share today: First, I wish all managers and executives thought like David Goldberg, CEO at SurveyMonkey.  In his LinkedIn Influencer post, “Flex Your Creativity in Hiring,” he states “Too often we focus on titles, compensation and perks to attract great people. I have learned that giving talented men and women flexibility and trusting them…

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The Talent Acquisition Digest for December 4, 2013

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Today, I’m starting a new feature on talent chatter – the Talent Acquisition Digest.  These short posts will highlight the best talent acquisition blog posts, articles and announcements on the web.  I plan to provide digests 2-3 times a week. Lou Adler provides his predictions for The Future of Hiring and Recruiting, Circa 2020-2025 in a LinkedIn Influencer post.  A…

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Hiring Managers — Let’s Improve the Hiring Process

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The Corporate Executive Board recently reported that 35% of hiring managers state that their company’s hiring and selection process is ‘less than effective.’   I believe that every process has the potential to be more effective and that we need more hiring managers to be satisfied with the hiring and selection process.  However, I’d like to encourage more hiring managers to…

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