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How to Prove to Execs That Your Talent Acquisition Program Is Successful

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If you’re managing a talent acquisition program and an executive says to you, “Put a report together that shows me how successful your program is,” you might start to panic. What data do you use to show you’ve achieved success? And how do you define that success in the first place? Dan Anderson, founder and CEO of Adaptalytics, will show…

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Introducing The Tasting Room

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Kara and I are passionate about building a community and resources for Talent Acquisition Operations, Project and Program professionals.  We created a space where you could access all of our content in one place. We are calling it the Tasting Room based on our affinity for wine (hence our name, Meritage). Join the Community With your free Tasting Room membership,…

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Why Are We Addicted To Job Boards?

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“We keep using job boards and we don’t know why.” During a conversation with the CEO of one of the smartest digital recruitment marketing agencies earlier this week, he mentioned that one of his clients (a major employer) said this to him. I’ve heard similar statements from a number of talent acquisition leaders over the past year. None of these…

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Learn How to Ask For Money for Your Talent Acquisition Program

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As a talent acquisition leader or team member, you could use more investment for technology, programs, marketing, and branding. Yet, your budgets rarely increase from one year to the next. How do you ask for more money? Kara and I presented on this topic to a packed room at LinkedIn’s Talent Connect, an annual gathering that drew over 4,000 attendees…

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“It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over” – What Talent Acquisition Can Learn From Yogi Berra

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The sports world lost a legend on Tuesday when Yogi Berra passed away at 90 years old. While he was one of the greatest catchers of all time (18 All-Star appearances, 10 World Series Championships, 3-time American League MVP, Baseball Hall of Fame inductee), he was well-known in pop culture for his unique way of summing up life’s situations. Some…

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Talent Acquisition Program Management Quick Tips – Gaining Support For Ideas

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Talent Acquisition Program Management (TAPM) Tips are for those who manage critical talent acquisition programs, operations and projects – like employee referrals, recruiter training, college and intern, military and veteran recruiting, tools and technology and contingent labor. So you have a great idea what next? We need to balance between coming up with great ideas and getting things done!  Listen for…

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Be A Part of Changing The Talent Acquisition Industry

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As a talent acquisition leader, you face many issues, including: Improving your candidate experience, Decreasing the drop-off rate of candidates who start your application process, but don’t complete it, and Understanding the actual return your receive from your investment in recruitment website postings What if I told you that there is a new technology in the recruiting marketplace that can…

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Become a Rock Star Talent Acquisition Operations or Program Manager

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The talent acquisition world is overwhelmed with conferences. There are great conferences for recruiters, specialty conferences for sourcers, and numerous conferences for recruiting managers, directors, and VPs. However, one major portion of the talent acquisition team is left out of the conference scene – those individuals and teams who run recruiting operations and programs. The existing conferences may occasionally have…

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Bonuses, Assessments, and Jerks, Oh My! Takeaways from Day 2 of HROToday Forum

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The second day of the HROToday forum in Philadelphia was packed with content, great speakers and fun interactions.  There were 16 sessions (all plenary sessions) and almost 30 different speakers.  The sessions were lively, short and full of variety. My top 3 takeaways from the day were: 1.  You can change hiring manager behavior in the recruiting processes, but it…

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Talent Acquisition Digest for February 16, 2015

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Last week was a busy week for great thought-provoking articles in talent acquisition — metrics and data, sales recruiting, and recruitment marketing strategy articles all caught my attention. I loved this article by Thomas C. Redman in Harvard Business Review, “Stop Making Excuses For Your Flawed Data.”  We want to be data-driven decision makers, but often the data is unreliable…

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