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Talent Acquisition Program Management Quick Tips – Gaining Support For Ideas

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Talent Acquisition Program Management (TAPM) Tips are for those who manage critical talent acquisition programs, operations and projects – like employee referrals, recruiter training, college and intern, military and veteran recruiting, tools and technology and contingent labor. So you have a great idea what next? We need to balance between coming up with great ideas and getting things done!  Listen for…

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Create a Culture of Referrals in 5 Easy Steps 

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I’ve been passionate about creating engaging and effective employee referral programs for most of my talent acquisition career. Many studies prove that employee referral candidates complete the application and interview process faster, are more engaged, and stick around longer than non-referral candidates. Plus, who doesn’t want to work with their friends and respected former colleagues? I’ve conducted research on referral…

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The Truth About the Candidate Experience

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This post was originally published on the Human Capital Institute‘s blog. For the past few years, all the buzz in talent acquisition has been on improving the candidate experience.  “We need to eliminate the application black hole,” they say.  “Every candidate should get an explanation of why they didn’t receive an interview or offer,” the experts write.  In this year’s…

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Vendors: How to Stop Annoying Me

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As a Talent Acquisition leader for a Fortune 500 company, I receive many calls from software vendors, staffing agencies, consulting firms, etc. who are trying to sell me their products and services.  I probably receive 10-12 such phone calls per week.  Because of these calls, I don’t list my mobile phone number on my email messages that go outside the…

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