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Be A Part of Changing The Talent Acquisition Industry

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As a talent acquisition leader, you face many issues, including: Improving your candidate experience, Decreasing the drop-off rate of candidates who start your application process, but don’t complete it, and Understanding the actual return your receive from your investment in recruitment website postings What if I told you that there is a new technology in the recruiting marketplace that can…

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Word on the Street: Job Boards are Alive!

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“Job boards are dead.” “Social media is the only way to recruit.” “Change your strategy and move away from job boards.” “The best candidates aren’t using job boards to find opportunities.” You’ve seen all of the headlines and read the blogs and articles by the industry pundits.  They all announce the death of the job board industry.  Well, they couldn’t…

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Awarding Excellence in Recruitment Solutions

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Finally, an award program that recognizes recruitment technology and services providers with innovative solutions that optimize the recruiter experience has launched.  Introducing the Recruiting Service Innovation (ReSI) Awards! The ReSIs will recognize products and services that change the game in the talent acquisition and hiring space.  Companies are encouraged to apply in one of 5 categories: External Sourcing Internal Sourcing…

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The Talent Acquisition Digest for December 10, 2013

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Here are some articles not to miss so far this week: We are all aware that our interview process has a major impact on a candidate’s decision to join a company, but unfortunately, many of our hiring managers and those that participate in the interview process don’t get it.  Share this USA Today article by Andrea Kay with them.  It…

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Word on the Street: Mobile Careers and Apply Top Priority for 2014

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Have you seen the Corporate Mobile Readiness Report, 3rd Edition, by iMomentus?  If not, download it now.  It’s free!  Mobile readiness was a key topic of conversation (and a very insightful breakout session) at last week’s recruitDC event in Silver Spring, MD, attended by over 250 talent acquisition professionals in the DC area. The data from iMomentus’ study reinforces what…

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The Truth About the Candidate Experience

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This post was originally published on the Human Capital Institute‘s blog. For the past few years, all the buzz in talent acquisition has been on improving the candidate experience.  “We need to eliminate the application black hole,” they say.  “Every candidate should get an explanation of why they didn’t receive an interview or offer,” the experts write.  In this year’s…

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The Candidate Experience — An Easy Solution

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The latest focus for talent acquisition leaders is improving the candidate experience.  With the launch of The Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Awards (The CandEs), companies can receive a comprehensive review of their application process and benchmark their process against other companies.  Many companies were recognized for their positive candidate experiences with a 2012 CandE, but most of us still have…

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