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Minimalist Guide to Innovating Your Talent Acquisition Program

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When you’re caught up in the daily minutia of running your talent acquisition program, it makes it almost impossible to bring in new ideas to your organization. To innovate your program, you’ll need to look to the outside world. External research inspires, gives perspective and energizes you to keep innovating. It helps push you beyond the “we have always done…

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3 Questions That Make Every Project More Successful

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When you receive a project, do you ever find out who supports or disagrees with the project, and why? Determining the level of resistance and support for a project before you begin is critical. Most projects fail for a lack of internal support from users and executives suggests Leon M. Hielkema’s book HR Strategic Project Management SPOMP: Implementing Organisational Change Successfully.   If…

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Talent Innovator: Brett Underhill at Prudential

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This post is the first of our new monthly series that will spotlight individuals who are innovating in the talent acquisition space.  Please welcome guest blogger, Moe Hutt  who is the author of this series.  I hope you enjoy it. — Kara Her Mission:  to provide recruiters with tools and technology to make them successful in bringing top talent to Prudential, dividing…

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Talent Acquisition Digest for January 3, 2014

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Happy New Year!!  I hope you had a chance to relax and spend time with friends and family over the holiday period.  While we were all (hopefully) taking a much-needed break, several great articles were posted across the web: The Top 10 HR Resolutions for 2014, published by Automated Trader, highlights the things that HR leaders want to concentrate on…

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